Reasons to ExploreBrazil’s Market

Population: 285 million
• A decade of solid economic

• Brazil is now the world’s 7th largest economic create massive market change.

• Brazil leads the region with 30 million new middle-class consumers. This number is still growing

Consumers Bio

Young (affluent and new travelers)
58% of Brazilian luxury consumers are emerging.

The first generation of wealth, only 7,8% of Brazil population was 65 years or older

São Paulo has more helicopters than any other city in the world

Consumption Expenditure in clothing is 4,6% of total expenditure

Purchasing power per region

Southeast: 1,83 trillions of reais

Northeast: 703 billions of reais

South: 611 billions of reais

Midwest: 313 billions of reais

North: 218 billions of reais

Fashion Market

The fashion market in Brazil is the fastest growing sector in the digital landscape. According to data from the Euromonitor consultancy, the billing for the year 2013, which includes clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry, reached the value of 140 billion reais, raising the country from 14th place to 8th in fashion consumption in the world.


By E-bit research in the years 2015 and 2016 the fashion e- commerce sector invested 41.3 billion reais, a figure that represents a 15.3% increase over the year 2014.


A recent study found that the main means of access to digital, which was the desktop, has been replaced by the mobile.


In 2014 desktop access in Brazil was 135,848 people, in 2016 this number drops to 111,276. The numbers in relation to the mobile to the same period are three times greater; In 2014 mobile access was only 3,991, two years later, in 2016, accesses were 286,761.

This growth is due to the technological development of smartphones, tablets and applications that offer the Brazilian the opportunity to perform tasks in a more practical way.

Another factor that also influenced these numbers was the growth of the Brazilian middle class, where a greater number of Brazilians came to have access to items that until then were exclusive of a class of high purchasing power.

Even with a scenario of current economic crisis, the figures show that a greater number of Brazilians now have a higher level of schooling and purchasing power.


The Brazilian is considered one of the largest social media users in the world, with 86 million having an active profile on social media platforms, which is larger than users in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia.
Of the total time spent on the internet, 25% of the time is only with social media and 23% with services.


The platforms with the greatest number of engagements by Brazilians is Facebook, which has an average of more than 1000 visitors per minute per month, followed by Snapchat, Instagram and Google.


The age group of users is 18-40 years.


The online demographics of e-commerce consumers shows that more than half the population is under the age of 35 and less than 16% live in a house with 2 people or less.


Electronics, fashion, online delivery and health care websites lead the retail categories online in Brazil.
Mobile retail grew 17% in consumer time generated by its 43 million unique visitors.


In terms of digital media Google leads among the top 100 internet properties, followed by Facebook and Globo in third place.


The search and classified segments are responsible for the largest volume of advertising funds, being 5 billion reais. Online advertising moved more than 9.3 billion reais in 2015 and had a forecast of 16% increase for the year 2016 reaching 10.4 billion reais.